The Slew turn it up to 11, give it 110% on summer tour

The Slew turn it up to 11, give it 110% on summer tour

This is the story so far:

A couple of years ago, Kid Koala and Dynomite D were contacted to create a documentary soundtrack, to which they said, “yeah, alright.” Koala and D began to eat pot brownies and experiment with scratching and sampling blues-rock and psych-rock records, until they learned that the film had folded under financial pressure. Agreeing that their cuts-in-progress were “mad tight,” the duo decided to shape their work into a full album, movie-be-damned. The result was 2009’s 100%, for which the two DJs named themselves “The Slew”.

Meanwhile, Wolfmother bassist and drummer Chris Ross and Myles Heskett left their band over “longstanding [boner] frictions.” As luck would have it, the expatriate rhythm section happened to meet another duo of musical ronin, Koala and D, and agreed that their cuts were “indeed mad tight.” Adding disco-comedy-space-freaks Adira Amram and the Experience as an opening act, the newborn foursome hit the road, and life in North America was never the same again.

This month, The Slew begins another tour, and North America will never be the same again again. The current lineup consists of Kid Koala and DJ P-Love on turntables, Chris Ross on bass, and Myles Heskett on drums. As on the first tour, they will perform with a nomenclature-justifying six turntables.

In other news, earlier this month, Wolfmother was forced to cancel their European summer tour. Frontman Andrew Stockdale has allegedly contracted an “unknown illness,” the symptoms of which are reported to be “wanting to see The Slew on tour” and “hoping they sample a Wolfmother record this time.”

The Slew tourdates:

06.25.10 - Brooklyn, NY - Celebrate Brooklyn Festival
06.26.10 - Montreal, QC - Festival International De Jazz
06.29.10 - Vancouver, BC - Vancouver International Jazz Festival
06.30.10 - Edmonton, AB - Edmonton Jazz Festival
07.01.10 - Winnipeg, MB - Winnipeg International Jazz Festival
07.02.10 - Saskatoon, SK - Saskatchewan Jazz Festival *
07.09.10 - Toronto, ON - Beats Breaks & Culture Festival
07.10.10 - Quebec City, QC - The Festival d’ete de Quebec

*Kid Koala DJ Set

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