Sludge metal crusaders Thou prepare three-EP series alongside new album Magus for 2018, really put the “extended” in “extended play”

Sludge metal crusaders Thou prepare three-EP series alongside new album Magus for 2018, really put the "extended" in "extended play"
Rhea Sylvia EP cover art

Hark, knaves and curs! Sludge metal outfit Thou (who you may remember from their team-up(s) with The Body) hast haply announced enough projects this summer to keep you in the doom ‘n’ gloom even when the sun is shining! That means precisely three EPs, all in the lead up to their new LP entitled Magus, which is out August 31 through Sacred Bones.

And when do the rest of these records drop, you ask? Anon, anon!

Here’s the story, my fair bawcocks: EP 1, The House Primordial, is already out through Raw Sugar Records. EP 2, Inconsolable, will see the light (or darkness, as it were) June 29 through Community Records. Finally, the big one, EP 3 titled Rhea Sylvia, is out July 27 through Deathwish.

The third EP will track Thou through more melodious terrain, “all the while maintaining a heaviness and depth that few other bands could ever achieve.” And you can experience such heaviness and/or depth by listening to the first single from Rhea Sylvia, “The Only Law”, below right now. What a merry happenstance! Additionally, the LP itself is the band’s first full-length since 2014’s Heathen, so you know you don’t want to miss your one chance to “get all funereal with it,” as the kids say.

You can pre-order all of Thou’s 2018 releases (with alternatingly creepy and beautiful cover art) at the Deathwish store forthwith. If not, check out the four full tracklistings below (in the dirt where they belong!). With that, I bid you good-morrow (and all the many morrows to come until the next Thou EP)!

The House Primordial tracklisting:

01. Premonition
02. Diaphonous Shift
03. Psychic Dominance
04. Occulting Light
05. Malignant Horror

Inconsolable tracklisting:

01. The Unspeakable Oath
02. Come Home, You Are Missed
03. The Hammer
04. Behind the Mask, Another Mask
05. Fallow State
06. Into the Scourge Pit
07. Find the Cost of Freedom
08. Entombed in Man

Rhea Sylvia tracklisting:

01. The Only Law
02. Unfortunate Times
03. Non-Entity
04. Deepest Sun
05. Restless River
06. The Lasting Dose (Crowbar Cover)

Magus tracklisting:

01. Inward
02. My Brother Caliban
03. Transcending Dualities
04. The Changeling Prince
05. Sovereign Self
06. Divine Will
07. In the Kingdom of Meaning
08. Greater Invocation of Disgust
09. Elimination Rhetoric
10. The Law Which Compels
11. Supremacy

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