Software set to release Tallesen’s brain work-out record Stills Lit Through October 7

Software set to release Tallesen's brain work-out record Stills Lit Through October 7

You know when you push your fists into your eyes and everything goes red for a moment but if you keep pushing a little longer and a little harder then everything goes intense and swirly and you’re not sure whether it’s the oxygen running out of your brain or a transcendental experience? Or both? You know that feeling, right?

That same feeling is exactly what you should imagine the debut full-length release by Tallesen (a.k.a. New York visual artist Cayman Johnson) is going to be like. It’s called Stills Lit Through and is set to be released by Software on October 7.

Tallesen himself describes the album as a response to “the continuous flexibility of the physical setting by the additive of sound.” So yeah, expect the aural equivalent of that self-induced hypoxic out-of-body-experience thing in the form of intensely artistic electronic soundscapes. Swirls behind the eyes indeed. Listen to “Strike Silver, Love Green” below:

Stills Lit Through tracklist:

01. Blue Stills
02. Glenticast
03. Chime Ever
04. Motion Past Shine
05. Take Flash East
06. Emmel
07. Set Red, Seize Gray
08. Strike Silver, Love Green
09. Plasticized Fsa
10. Illusion Crossed Phase
11. Landmark Rituals
12. Teal Spot Focus
13. Court Sight *
14. Eveibury *
15. Line Cross Shore *
16. Night Bloom *

* bonus tracks

• Tallesen:
• Software:

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