Sole and DJ Pain 1 release collaborative EP, video, and embark on world tour

Sole and DJ Pain 1 release collaborative EP, video, and embark on world tour

Following the June release of their collaborative album Death Drive (check the Chocolate Grinder), super-duper-indie rapper Sole and super-duper-platinum producer DJ Pain 1 recently released an EP called Pattern of Life. It’s available for free download on Sole’s Bandcamp page along with the album, which, sorry, isn’t free.

Sole co-founded the label Anticon in 1998 with a group of rappers and producers that included Alias, Doseone, and Jel. Currently, the label releases a wide variety of music, but it’s always been founded on an interest in hip-hop that pushed lyrical boundaries.

In regard to his lyrics, Sole has always been exemplary, but his work with DJ Pain 1, who’s produced for Young Jeezy, 50 Cent, and Gucci Mane, finds him treading different waters. Sole is blunter, his flow less varied, more cut and dried, reflecting Pain 1’s impeccable, accessible productions. What Sole actually says, however, remains apart from the mainstream guns ‘n’ hoes chit-chat you may expect over such bangin’ beats.

“Fuck Google” is a good example. Check out the TED Talk-spoofing video for it below. Puts things in good context. And hey, Sole has just begun touring the World minus South America, Asia, and Africa. The dates are right here for you.

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