Sonic Youth announce vinyl reissues of six albums

Sonic Youth announce vinyl reissues of six albums
Photo: Anders Jensen-Urstad

When I think about albums receiving the reissue treatment, I think about those that were in some sense well-received at the time of their original release, which was more than likely a heckuva long time ago in band or music years. It bothers me somewhat that Rather Ripped is among the Sonic Youth albums now receiving the vinyl reissue treatment, because I clearly remember purchasing the CD at a Best Buy way back when, with a gang of bluepolos trying to convince me that purchasing a Monster cable would somehow improve my (hopefully) noisy listening session. Has the experience of being molested by unsound technical advice made that album seem more recent in my mind? Or are Sonic Youth an anomaly for whom reissues of albums less than a decade old are totally reasonable?

Conundrum (mostly) averted! Rather Ripped is the newest of albums getting attention from Union Square Music: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star, A Thousand Leaves, and NYC Ghosts & Flowers will come out on vinyl January 22, while Murray Street, Sonic Nurse, and Rather Ripped will be released on LP February 19. Clearly, the once-band is legendary enough to merit perpetual reissues.

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