Sonic Youth reissue Jim O’Rourke-era albums and more

Sonic Youth reissue Jim O'Rourke-era albums and more

The people have spoken, and what they want is… more Sonic Youth reissues. (At least that’s what Universal Music, who is releasing the reissues, wants the people to want.) On July 15, reissues of Jim O’Rourke-era albums Murray Street (2002) and Sonic Nurse (2004), as well as the O’Rourke-less Rather Ripped (2006), will hit stores. It’s part of the label’s DGC/Geffen Records-era reissues campaign, which began earlier this year with the release of remastered versions of Goo, Washing Machine, Dirty, and a 12-inch of “The Diamond Sea.”

Coming soon: A Thousand Leaves, Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star and NYC Ghosts & Flowers, out later this year. Expect remasters from original stereo analog master tapes, and digital and vinyl formats.

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