SONICA Festival to feature roundtable discussion with TMT writer Ze Pequeno

SONICA Festival to feature roundtable discussion with TMT writer Ze Pequeno

SELF-PROMOTION ALERT: TMT writer Sean Brady (a.k.a. Ze Pequeno) will be part of a roundtable discussion on Friday, September 28 for Slovenia’s SONICA Festival, put on in conjunction with artist platform SHAPE and SIGIC (Slovenian Music Information Centre). The talk, which also includes Sarah Lauzemis (from the Schiev music festival) and Ičo Vidmar (sociologist of culture from Ljubljana, Slovenia), is titled “A Class of Its Own - on the question of class in contemporary music” and starts at 18:00 CEST (12:00 EDT/9:00 PDT). Don’t be late or you will be DESTROYED.

Speaking of getting destroyed, SONICA Festival has already featured performances this week by Tristan Perich and SHAPE-affiliated artists like Aïsha Devi, Giant Swan, and Lifecutter, as well as a host of talks and other roundtables. Performers this weekend include Actress, Lee Gamble, and William Basinksi.

Find more information about SONICA here, bone up on your Ze Pequeno here, and read the description of the aforementioned roundtable below.

A Class of Its Own - on the question of class in contemporary music

Contemporary music is not beyond the question of social class. But it seems it has lost the sensitivity for it. The question of identity? Solved. The question of gender? Embodied. The question of social class? That’s a question! How does the social class condition contemporary music? How much class awareness or belonging is there in contemporary music? How can production and distribution, consumption and reception influence the construction of class? Which music is or could be the basis for struggles and movements for a better tomorrow? Or maybe a carrier, their mobilization force? Which music is the music of the precarious creative class? What about the working and consumer classes? What are the roles genres and spaces of music play in the construction of social class?

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