SOPHIE shares herself in the video for new song “It’s Okay to Cry,” to debut new live show next week

SOPHIE shares herself in the video for new song "It's Okay to Cry," to debut new live show next week

In an interview with Billboard many memes ago, SOPHIE said, “The music is not about where someone grew up or what they look like against a wall therefore you should try to use every opportunity available to say what you’re trying to say instead of saying here’s my music and this is what I look like. Nobody cares.” SOPHIE’s new video, however, flies in the face of her previous comment.

Directed by and starring SOPHIE herself, the video for new song “It’s Okay to Cry” puts SOPHIE literally front and center. Like a cross between the verbose lyrical acrobatics of “Just Like We Never Said Goodbye” and the pop drama of A. G. Cook’s “Superstar,” “It’s Okay to Cry” sees SOPHIE revealing herself in several, multifaceted ways, both on lyrical and visual levels — a far cry from her pitched-voice interviews/songs, live-performance stand-ins, and formerly avatar-less social media presence.

Watch the video for “It’s Okay to Cry” below, and look for the single on October 23. SOPHIE’s “newly imagined show” debuts next Tuesday at OPEN BETA during Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles.

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