SoundCloud finally allows users to upload music as “albums,” site reportedly up for sale

SoundCloud finally allows users to upload music as "albums," site reportedly up for sale

Hey you, staring at the orange waveform. I know you’ve always been peeved that your great album must be reduced to an unsavory playlist, that you can’t “do it proper” in the Cloud. Well, now you don’t have to make such a gross compromise. SoundCloud albums are now a thing.

To lift your tracks from the playlist cesspit to the album utopia, all you need to do is visit the “Edit” page of said playlist and change the “Playlist Type” to Album. In that thrilling drop-down menu, you’ll also find the options for EP, Single, and Compilation, so you can be all particular about your discography.

Clearly, SoundCloud is trying to push the nature of its content in new directions, making it more appealing for artists who want to release something complete rather than the odd track. We’ve predicted the feud before, and SoundCloud seems to be coming closer and closer to an infringement on Spotify et al.’s territory. What with the ease of uploading it may actually serve artists better, unless Spotify ups per-play payment, which would certainly be a plus for the lesser-known artist drawn to SoundCloud’s community-oriented features. Hey, competition is always good.

Meanwhile, word on the street is that SoundCloud is up for sale for $1 billion. According to Digital Music News, “ is reporting that privately-owned SoundCloud’s founders and investors are seriously considering a sale. That includes investment firm Doughty Hanson & Co., just one of several stakeholders considering an offer that would value the Berlin-based company at $1 billion.” We’ll keep an eye on that.

Here’s the first search result for “album” under the new “Album” tab.

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