Spank Rock announces new EP The Upside for church and prayer activity

Spank Rock announces new EP The Upside for church and prayer activity

What’s up, youth pastors? Looking to get through to the younger members of the Lord’s flock? Well, try Spank Rock. While other rappers talk about guns and sex, Mr. Spank Rock is the perfect MC to soundtrack your next group prayer session. Following up his last missive from God, 2011’s Everything Is Boring and Everyone Is a Fucking Liar (the implication being, trust no word but the word of God), the rapper is back with a new EP called The Upside out December 9 through worship label Boysnoize Records.

Praise him! For this new EP, the pure and God-fearing rapper has assembled a team of good Christian collaborators including New Orleans’ Kid Kamillion, Philadelphia producer Noah Breakfast, Passion Pit’s Don Leomax, former Major Lazer member Switch, and Boys Noize. And, not unlike the story of the prodigal son, The Upside features a beautiful reunion between Spank Rock and rapper/nun Amanda Blank. Listen to “Assassin,” their joining of Godly forces, over at SoundCloud. Now, turn to Jeremiah 19:9.

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