Spencer Clark and Lieven Martens Moana set to release three albums of field recordings

Spencer Clark and Lieven Martens Moana set to release three albums of field recordings
Cover art for Lieven Martens Moana's Coral Groups

Time for a refresher. As we reported a bit ago in the Chocolate Grinder, Antwerp-based experimental artists Spencer Clark and Lieven Martens Moana (a.k.a. Dolphins Into The Future) are releasing three field recordings on Martens’s Edições CN imprint, and the release date is almost here!

Clark, who is a veteran musician best known as half of the influential duo The Skaters (with James Ferraro), recorded The Stimulated Australia while working on his latest album The World of Shells in Hanging Rock, Australia (released in October under the moniker Typhonian Highlife). The two tracks of the album were captured on a handheld cassette recorder and represent both a keepsake and a study of “ambiences from Australian landscapes, [observations of] a building where the tourist forages, and (…) the sounds of lands that are forever spiritual to the native.”

Martens’s Two Pastorals is “a portrait of the provinces” and was recorded in the hamlet of Teixeiró and the hills around Gestaço, north Portugal. Coral Groups, on the other hand, includes a recording of a live concert piece where “various found objects, electronics, piano vignettes and field recordings are put into relation with each other in an improvised way,” as well as a piano sonata “electronically transformed into particles in F-sharp Major, tucked between murmurous silences of a budget-friendly analog filter.”

All three albums are out December 10. Visit the label’s Bandcamp to check out your purchasing options, and listen to fragments of the releases below:

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