Squarepusher, The Necks, and James McVinnie praise the organ on limited UK tour

Squarepusher, The Necks, and James McVinnie praise the organ on limited UK tour

For those ever peeved by the organ’s dismissal as a seminal futurist instrument, an honest mechanical predecessor to the synthesizer, you can soon let off steam (like this organ). Australian jazz-trio The Necks and major contemporary organist James McVinnie will be touring a special, organ-centric program of both newly commissioned and older, “rarely heard” compositions for the instrument and ensemble. The tour, produced and organized by No-Nation, runs five dates through early April at five separate locations throughout the UK, each housing one of the countries “finest organs.” Included are three “Halls,” one “Meeting House,” and one “Chapel.”

Now, for those skeptical, what you’re likely to hear is less this and more this — truly. Those newly commissioned pieces include a score by Tom Jenkinson a.k.a. Squarepusher, the prolific, influential English electronic artist and robot collaborator. This won’t be organ-approximated IDM, but a long-form work “with expansive classical influences” that “intertwines the chaotic intricacy and kaleidoscopic mayhem for which he is so well known.” Also on the program are two Philip Glass pieces, “Mad Rush” and “Music in Similar Motion.”

Check the nice The Necks feature below, followed by the nice feature on McVinnie and associated label Bedroom community, and then the very nice tour details. You can pick up tickets via each venues box office. Enjoy, organ lover.

UK dates:

04.05.16 - Birmingham Town Hall
04.06.16 - Leeds Town Hall
04.08.16 - Meeting House, University of Sussex
04.10.16 - Colston Hall Bristol
04.12.16 - Union Chapel London

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