Stars of the Lid to reissue last two albums on vinyl, working on new music

Stars of the Lid to reissue last two albums on vinyl, working on new music

It is a momentous day for Austin drone titans Stars of the Lid. The duo has announced the reissue of its long out-of-print two final albums, and confirmed (via Self-Titled magazine) to be working on a new album. Next August, Kranky will be putting out 2001’s The tired sounds of Stars of the Lid and 2007’s And their refinement of the decline on vinyl for the first time in many years. The label had reissued a remastered version of the band’s 1996 LP The Ballasted Orchestra back in 2013, but these two albums are extra special, marking Kranky’s 50th and 100th releases in their catalog, with the 3LP symphonic megalith The tired sounds of… frequently cited as the Texan group’s best work.

Although news on their (reportedly) forthcoming album are still scarce, we know that in 2013 the band worked with Ben Frost, recording still-unreleased music alongside the Budapest Art Orchestra. Whenever such LP comes out — assuming it does — it will be the Stars of the Lid’s first release since 2007. Formed in the early 90s by Brian McBride and Adam Wiltzie, Stars of the Lid are one of the most influential ambient acts operating in the rock environment. Although the duo has not exactly been prolific in terms of releases or live shows, McBride and Wiltzie have partaken in multiple side projects and keep a well-deserved status as elders of drone-based music made in the crossing of post-rock and electroacustic composition.

Stream their last-released track “December hunting for vegetarian fuckface,” off And their refinement of the decline, below.

The tired sounds of… and And their refinement of the decline will be out August 14 via Kranky.

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