Stephen O’Malley swaps in Sunn O))) for ice dancing… unitard TBA

Stephen O'Malley swaps in Sunn O))) for ice dancing... unitard TBA

Figure skating has always had a dark undercurrent. Aside from the obvious Tonya Harding vs Nancy Kerrigan saga, all those fake smiles and sequins seem a little psychotic. So it’s really no surprise to learn that doom metal icon Stephen O’Malley will be shortly releasing his recording of the score to Gisèle Vienne’s ice skating choreography piece called Eternelle Idole.

O’Malley has been interspersing his Sunn O))) duties with a range of extracurricular activities, including his first orchestral work Gruides, which he recorded with a 35-piece French improv orchestra earlier this year. Eternelle Idole will extend his orchestral credentials and features appearances from previous collaborators such as Steve Moore, Peter Rehberg, and Jesse Sykes.

Shelter Press will release the score September 4 on triple vinyl, as well as 16 pages of kickass pictures of ice-skating tricks taken from the choreographed piece.

As you’d expect, the music is creepy. as. fuck.

Eternelle Idole
A1. L’étang
A2. Aurore theme
B1. Eternal Idol
B2. Arrival of the trainer
C2. Return / Escape

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