Steve Hauschildt prepares to improve your acupuncturist’s music taste with a new album on Ghostly International

Steve Hauschildt prepares to improve your acupuncturist's music taste with a new album on Ghostly International
Photo: Maria Tzeka

Let’s all be honest: all these YouTube relaxation playlists just aren’t doing the trick for us anymore. If only there were a way to convince our Chinese herbalist to listen to something new for a change…Well, here’s our chance! Steve Hauschildt has just announced a new full-length record, Dissolvi, which comes out July 8 on Ghostly International.

“Much of [Dissolvi] was recorded in a windowless studio, which removed elemental or seasonal references to time in the music,” writes Hauschildt. “The focus this time was on mixing the album and incorporating a broader set of instrumentation.” The title takes its name from cupio dissolvi, a Latin phrase meaning “I wish to dissolve.” That’s how I normally feel when they stick all those tiny needles in my hands, too. Hopefully the music is as physiologically relaxing as the title promises…

Oh, ok. I just listened to the first single below and I can confirm it is not a disappointing journey inwards. “Saccade” features fellow “I make music in a dark room with all the windows drawn” artist, Julianna Barwick. It was inspired by “involuntary eye movements” and features a gorgeous blend of Barwick’s signature echo and Hauschildt’s kosmiche-style productions.

Dissolvi is Hauschildt’s first full length for Ghostly, following the release of his 2016 album Strands and his appearance on this year’s phenomenal new record from Christina Vantzou. Pre-order it now, and be sure to give a copy as a gift to your acupuncturist. In no time, you’ll be jamming out (or totally asleep) whenever you’re getting glass orbs suction-stuck to your back! Thanks Steve!

Cover art: Robert Beatty

Dissolvi tracklisting:

01. M Path
02. Phantox
03. Saccade (ft. Julianna Barwick)
04. Alienself
05. Aroid
06. Syncope (ft. GABI)
07. Lyngr
08. Dissolvi

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