Stones Throw embraces cost-efficient digital subscription service, Dunkaroos

Stones Throw embraces cost-efficient digital subscription service, Dunkaroos

Stones Throw kicks off its smelly loafers and leaps into 2012 with the announcement that they’ve gone digital. The home of J Dilla (RIP), Madlib, Peanut Butter Wolf, and Dâm-Funk recently debuted the Stones Throw Digital Discography.

Working in conjunction with Drip.FM, Stones Throw has assembled an offer few will find easy to refuse. For a measly $10 a month (you probably spent more on paper towels this month, you messy freak) you get EVERY single thing Stones Throw releases sent directly to your inbox, as well as free downloading privileges at the Stones Throw website and exclusive swag directly from the Stones Throw coffers… and billing is monthly! Hooray!

Stones Throw also announced a round of new releases that will help birth the digital discography, including a new EP from recent signee Homeboy Sandman, M.E.D.’s Classic Instrumentals LP, and the second volume of The Minimal Wave Tapes. Also upcoming: new J. Rocc EP, a new Jonwayne LP, and new LP from Quakers, a band that includes Geoff Barrow of Portishead and a 35+ member hip-hop group, which would be a saying something if all the members were over 35 years of age rather than just 35+ members. It’s still fairly intriguing, and who can say no to intrigue?

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