Sublime Frequencies unearths more rare music from Asia this very month

Sublime Frequencies unearths more rare music from Asia this very month

Good news for fans of the obscure, unheard, and obtuse, as Alan Bishop’s Sublime Frequencies label has a few new albums due out later this month. Three new releases are coming January 22, 2013 and focus on Korea, Burma, Singapore, and Malaysia.

The first is Scattered Melodies: Korean Kayagum Sanjo compiled by 78 rpm record enthusiast, Sublime Frequencies contributor, and Climax Golden Twins co-founder Robert Millis. The collection focuses on Korean kayagum sanjo, a form of improvised music somewhere between folk and classical, developed in the 1890s for the kayagum (kayagum, or gayageum, being a stringed instrument similar to a zither or a Japanese koto). The music features slowly building tempos, elastic rhythms, and improvised melodies. The songs on the album are pulled from Korean 78 rpm records dated between 1925 and 1959 that have survived Japanese and Red Army occupation, a full scale war fought by the United States, and almost 70 years of a divided people. Scattered Melodies will arrive in a tip-on jacket including a two-sided insert and extensive liner notes by Millis.

The second collection for early next year focuses on Burma. The Crying Princess: 78 RPM Records from Burma is a collection compiled from the 78s purchased by Millis and label head (and former Sun City Girl) Bishop from various trips to Burma (Myanmar) over the years. The songs are pulled from records dating between 1909 (!) and 1960. This record features early tracks from early giant of the Burmese music scene Po Sein, vocal and harp music from the 1920s, “modern” songs with electric guitar, and unique Burmese pop songs with piano. The Crying Princess and Scattered Melodies are Sublime Frequencies’ first-ever collections of 78s.

Finally, the third release for January is Pop Yeh Yeh – Psychedelic Rock from Singapore and Malaysia 1964-1970: Volume 1. Compiled after eight years of research by Carl Hamm, the compilation features 26 songs on CD of Pop Yeh Yeh, a style unique to Singapore and Malaysia that’s a cross-pollination of Beatles-influenced Western rock as well as homegrown sounds. The first compilation released in the United States to focus primarily on Malay rock group, Pop Yeh Yeh should be accessible to Western ears while retaining its foreign allure.

For anyone looking to expand their musical horizons, or if you’re just burnt out on vaporwave, make sure to keep an eye out this upcoming January, as Sublime Frequencies only does limited runs of their albums and does not repress anything.

Scattered Melodies: Korean Kayagum Sanjo tracklisting:

A1. Kim Hae Sun - Chinyangjo
A2. Kim Hae Sun - Chungmori
A3. Jung Nam Hee - Chinyangjo
A4. Jung Nam Hee - Chungmori
A5. Jung Nam Hee - Chungchungmori (Utmori)
A6. Jung Nam Hee - Chajinmori
B1. An Ki-ok - Chinyangjo
B2. Shim Sang-gun - Daseureum
B3. Shim Sang-gun - Chungchungmori
B4. Shim Sang-gun - Eonmori
B5. Kim Chong-ki - Chinyangjo
B6. Kim Chong-ki - Chungmori (1)
B7. Kim Chong-ki - Chungmori (2)

The Crying Princess: 78 RPM Records from Burma tracklisting:

A1. Po Sein - Maung Sein Mida part 1
A2. Aung Bala - Maung Sein Mida part 2
A3. Ma Sein Myine - Beneath Meza Mountain
A4. Ma Kyin U, Ma Gyee, Duck Oh - The Crying Princess
A5. Po Sein and Ma Kyin U. - Romantic Duet
A6. Ma Kyaw Bala, Ma Sein Myine, Ma Chin Yone - Untitled Trio part 1
A7. Ma Kyaw Bala, Ma Sein Myine, Ma Chin Yone - Untitled Trio part 2
B1. Yadana Myit - Perfumed Forest part 1
B2. Yadana Myit - Perfumed Forest part 2
B3. Thein Zaw and Myint Myint San - Ma Sawa
B4. May - Mya Mya Hay Wan
B5. May - Hla Mying Mae Nav
B6. St. Gun Khin May - Shan Village part 1
B7. St. Gun Khin May - Shan Village part 2

Pop Yeh Yeh - Psychedelic Rock from Singapore and Malaysia 1964-1970: Vol. 1 tracklisting:

01. Adnan Othman & The Rhythmn Boys - Budi Bahasa
02. M. Osman & Orkes Nirwana - Kisah Disampang
03. Roziah Latiff And The Jayhawkers - Aku Kechewa
04. Fatimah Amin & The Clans - Oh Teruna
05. Afida Es & The Siglap Boys - Jangan Goda
06. Rajah Ahmad & Dengan Dendang Irama - Oh Ya Ya
07. M. Said & Les Remaja - Temasah Ria
08. Fabians Boys (feat. Halipah) - Bersiar Siar
09. M. Osman & Les Fentones - Dara
10. A. Rahman Hassan & Orkes Nirwana - Syurga Idaman
11. Halim “Janda-Ku” Yatim & The Sangam Boys - Jauh Pandangan
12. Zaleha Hamid & The Black Cats - Nelayan Bersampan
13. A Ramlie & the Rhythmn Boys - Kasih Tak Sudah
14. Salim I & The Wisma - Bersiar di Taman Hiboran
15. A. Rahman Hassan & Orkes Nirwana - Bimban
16. M. Rahmat & The Teruna - Mula Bertemu
17. Adnan Othman & The Wanderers - Revolusi
18. Nur Azilah & Desa Bersaudara - Ayah… Kini ku Bercinta
19. A. Halim & De’Fictions - Kembali Lagi
20. Siti Zaiton & The Twilite - Rindu
21. Zaleha Hamid & Orkes Zindegi - Bertemasha
22. Noor Hamza & Band Mesra - Sidia Siapa
23. J. Sham & The Wanderers - Surat Ku Untuk Mu
24. A. Halim & De’Fictions - Kan Hilang Nanti
25. A. Rahman Hassan & Orkes Nirwana - Tak Mengapa
26. Hasnah Haron & The Spiritual 70s - Bintang Pujaan

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