Subliminal Sounds compiles exotica legend Paul Page on upcoming Pacific Paradise compilation, so grab your cocktail umbrellas!

Subliminal Sounds compiles exotica legend Paul Page on upcoming Pacific Paradise compilation, so grab your cocktail umbrellas!
Top to bottom: 100% pure Paul Page

Emerging from the currently lava-engulfed area surrounding Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano, is that a volcano-borne mutant apparently set on personally destroying all of the remaining beachside homes in America’s Pacific paradise?!? No! It’s a brand new collection of music from “real deal authentic tiki bar” entertainer Paul Page, who was apparently keen on all things Polynesian during his mid-20th century life!

Reportedly, the famed “singer, piano player, bandleader, writer/composer, radio and TV host, artist of oils, professional basketball player, and much more” used to entertain in “Poylnesian themed restaurants” in Southern California from the late-1930s to the mid-1960s…and then on the Kona Coast in Hawaii during the late 60s and early 70s. He apparently never connected with a major label for the purposes of a formal release, though he did concurrently record albums independently — albums that he sold himself in the small venues where he performed. Those albums are currently a rare and desired commodity for anyone who wants to hear a source for their notions of what they consider “Hawaiian music.” Hey, who’s ready to get laid?!

Sorry. Anyway: the Subliminal Sounds label is now sponsoring a proper release called Pacific Paradise, and it’s seemingly a compilation of every Paul Page track known and recorded (acknowledging the real possibility of unknown recordings). The album will be available July 27 on CD and 2xLP, and both editions will feature a 32-page booklet with “in-depth liner notes by author and pop historian Domenic Priore, with a forward by author and urban archaeologist Sven Kirsten.” So…expect more details on Page’s time as a model and pro basketball player, maybe?

Pre-order the album here or here and have a listen to some vocal tracks below. It kind of sounds like a precursor to [insert trippy sub-genre] in parts. Mahalo, Mr. Page, wherever you are!

Pacific Paradise tracklisting:

01. Pacific Paradise
02. China Nights
03. When Sam Goes Back To Samoa
04. Beyond The Reef
05. The Reef Is Calling
06. Matey
07. Pieces Of Eight
08. Ports O’ Call
09. My Fiji Island Queen
10. Castaway
11. Bali Hai
12. The Big Island Says Aloha
13. Leaves From My Grass House
14. Chicken Kona Kaai
15. Nani Waimea
16. Ala Wai Blues
17. Maui Chimes
18. Please Don’t Sing Aloha To Me
19. Hawaiian Honeymoon
20. Blue Lagoon
21. Auwe, Wahine
22. Pago Pago
23. Kissy Ling
24. Sakura - Pagoda Bells
25. Come Back To Hawaii
26. The Sea Is Calling
27. Passport To Paradise
28. The Big Luau In The Sky
29. Mele Of Forgotten Men
30. It’s All Wicky Wacky In Hawaii
31. Pacific Farwell Medley

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