Members of Isis, Russian Circles, and Baptists once again congeal into SUMAC for terrifying new album on Thrill Jockey

Members of Isis, Russian Circles, and Baptists once again congeal into SUMAC for terrifying new album on Thrill Jockey

Soooo, do you wanna hear the bad news first… or the HORRIBLE news?

Great answer. The horrible news is that we’re all fucking doomed. There’s no god. Humanity is fucked. And this sham hull of semi-hollow rock called “earth” that both your and Donald Trump’s equally insignificant and equally fat asses are sitting on is hurtling (as you read this very sentence) ever-faster and ever-closer to its inescapable and utterly pitiless destruction. Oh, the terror, etc.

But the less-horrible news is that we all get to listen to this sort of incredible shit from metal group SUMAC while it happens. (Yeah, even President Trump).

In care you’re not up to speed on all-things-terrifying going on in today’s independent metal scene, SUMAC was formed in 2014 and features Aaron Turner of Isis, Old Man Gloom , and Mamiffer on guitar and vocal duties; Brian Cook of Russian Circles on bass; and Nick Yacyshyn of Baptists on drums. And on June 10 (if humanity makes it that far), the trio is releasing a new album on Thrill Jockey. It’s called What One Becomes, and it aims to “parallel [our] internal and personal struggles with anxiety.” (No easy task in my case: I felt pretty anxious about eating the end nub of my banana this morning, let alone the big stuff.)

“Much of [the album] has to do with questioning fabricated structures of identity and what it means when those structures are destabilized by contact with the outside,” Turner explains. “Another facet of experience I’m working to convey is about living with the sustained presence of anxiety, and avoiding reliance on musical devices of cathartic release to provide escape from this condition.” See? Didn’t I tell you this was the less-horrible news? :)

But, on the off-chance that you’re looking for something else to do besides bite the shit out of your fingernails while you’re waiting for The End to finally in illimitably come, you can always employ those nervous fingers in the noble causes of clicking here to pre-order the album on a variety of formats and pressing the “play” button on first single “Rigid Man” (presumably a song about President Trump’s level-headed resolve and respect-commanding fortitude in all matters of foreign and domestic policy) down below. All in all, not a bad little consolation prize.

What One Becomes tracklisting:

01. Image of Control
02. Rigid Man
03. Clutch of Oblivion
04. Blackout
05. Will to Reach

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