Sun Kil Moon & The Album Leaf work together on new album, learn the importance of friendship

Sun Kil Moon & The Album Leaf work together on new album, learn the importance of friendship

What dangers lurk in the ocean, menacing the intrepid seafarer? Well, the Bermuda Triangle, for starters — that’s a real scary one. Garbage islands: those are both disgusting and disturbing. And let’s not forget sexy mermaids who lure sailors to their death. (Sexy threats are THE WORST.) But perhaps the worst threat to our brave men and women at sea (both literally and figuratively) is the Quiet Storm. And now, in recognition of this fact, two masters of the quiet storm, Sun Kil Moon and The Album Leaf, have teamed up for a new record called, aptly, Perils from the Sea.

The pairing’s debut collaboration came about when Mark Kozelek of Sun Kil Moon asked multi-instrumentalist Jimmy LaValle of The Album Leaf to write a song together. That track blossomed into “What Happened to My Brother,” and the duo was like, “Whoa, this working together thing is cool. Let’s create a whole album together! We learned so much about sharing today, didn’t we, boys and girls?” “Yes,” said Kozelek. “We sure did,” said LaValle, “buddy.” Then they hugged. The learning experience that is Sun Kil Moon and The Album Leaf will play their first concert together at Holland’s UE Festival on May 11, before journeying over to merry olde England for a May 13 date at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Perils from the Sea washes into stores on May 14 via Caldo Verde Records.

Perils from the Sea tracklisting:

01. What Happened to My Brother
02. 1936
03. Gustavo
04. You Missed My Heart
05. Caroline
06. Baby in Death Can I Rest Next to Your Grave
07. By the Time That I Awoke
08. Ceiling Gazing
09. Here Come More Perils from the Sea
10. He Always Felt Like Dancing
11. Somehow the Wonder of Life Prevails


05.11.13 - Dordecht, Holland - UE Festival
05.13.13 - London, UK - Shepherd’s Bush Empire

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