Sunn O))) announce double-vinyl Dømkirke reissue, do their best to answer other prayers

Sunn O))) announce double-vinyl Dømkirke reissue, do their best to answer other prayers
Artwork: Tania Stene, Norwegian visual artist

It’ll be a worthwhile keepsake for when atheism eventually prevails 1 billion years from now; religions of various kinds did and do have a knack for constructing magnificent houses of worship, which is ultimately understandable, if you have faith in the idea that God devoutly watches HGTV and therefore isn’t easily impressed when it comes to human architecture and interior design. The Bergen Cathedral in Bergen, Norway (a.k.a. “Bergen domkirke” in Norwegian), isn’t the grandest of all Lutheran cathedrals, but what’s lacking in sheer square-footage is made up for, at least, by (1) its presence in the kick-ass country of Norway, and (2) Sunn O)))’s performance there as a part of the 2007 Borealis Festival, which lives on through the structure’s remnant vibrations in a region not really known for its earthquakes. The show was enjoyably frightening and non-attendees overwhelmingly concurred once the performance was put to vinyl and originally released back in 2008.

Dømkirke’s initial limitedness was a tragic fact! Southern Lord is being generous alongside its shadow-dwelling with the announcement of a double-vinyl reissue set for release February 5. Vinyl’s the only format. Let the warmth of Attila Csihar vocally recalling Gregorian chant wash over (more of) you. And those of you who have been out of the doom loop in recent months can likewise look to Sunn O)))’s recent Kannon for additional satisfaction. I liked it more than Matthew Phillips did, anyway.

Dømkirke tracklisting:

01. Why Dost Thou Hide Thyself in Clouds?
02. Cannon
03. Cymatics
04. Masks the Ætmospheres

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