Sunset Rubdown Sets to Rub One Out on Fall Tour

If Spencer Krug were a snake, he most likely would have a leg. He would even have two legs at that! He would even play in three buzzing bands. Like most people, I have given up trying to guess what Spencer's next move will be. Swan Lake, Spencer's collaboration with Carey Mercer of Frog Eyes and Dan Bejar of Destroyer and The New Pornographers, are releasing their debut album Beast Moans on Nov. 21 on Jagjaguwar.

Spencer's synth-heavy fronted Sunset Rubdown will be slithering upon a modest Midwest tour in further support of the album Shut Up I Am Dreaming [TMT Review], which was released in May. The group also features the eclectic talents of Jordan Robson Cramer, Mike Doerksen, and Camilla Wynn Ingr.

I'll attend a show in hopes of getting Spencer to be in a fourth, but much uglier side-project. Hell, I'll even let you, the reader, in on my oblivious fantasy. First of all, the plan is to get Spencer to sit down and listen to my ideas. Of course, he will have to be drunk. (I'm assuming he was shit-faced before he decided to be in each band he is in. Let us remember that assumptions are the leading cause of cancer; penis cancer, to be more precise.)

Secondly, I will try to get past all of the unnecessary snake references.

Me: How about a whole concept album about snakes?

Spencer: I like snakes!

Me: People really like Snakes on a Plane, right?

Spencer: I guess.

Me: And people really like WWF, correct?

Spencer: Uhh...

Me: Well, we could get Jake the Snake to sing and play guitar for us. And he could sing mystifying lyrics that tell of an adventure he had on Southwest Airlines. And he fights snakes, of course! And uh, Nazis. Lots and lots of Nazis! It's a concept album!

Spencer: Uh... right.

Me: Yeah, it'll be ultra neato! I'll play bongos and the recorder. I play a mean recorder man! And you can just do whatever it is that you do. And we can throw snakes at the audience, and everyone will scream! What do you say?

Spencer: (about to pass out) Yeah...umm... sure.

Let's face it. I know the man likes snakes. After our side project, The Sexy Knights Of Omelet Country, is finished with our spicy world tour, Spencer may possibly get back to work with his lesser-known band. Eh, what's their name? I forgot. Oh well.

Tourdates and sodomy classes elsewhere:

09.23.06 - Cambridge, MA - Middle East
09.24.06 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
09.25.06 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
09.26.06 - Philadelphia, PA - The First Unitarian Church
09.27.06 - Washington, DC - Black Cat
09.28.06 - Durham, NC - Duke Coffeehouse
09.29.06 - Charlotte, NC - Tremont Music Hall
09.30.06 - Atlanta, GA - TBA
10.02.06 - Birmingham, AL - Bottle Tree Cafe
10.03.06 - Newport, KY - Southgate House
10.04.06 - Columbus, OH - Little Brothers
10.05.06 - Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom
10.06.06 - Chicago, IL - Logan Square Auditorium

Oh yeah! Wolf Parade! That's the name. Boy, do I feel stupid!

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