Super Kitchen serve up hot new club compilation, premiere blood-pumping new track “Ups & Downs” from Mistareez

Super Kitchen serve up hot new club compilation, premiere blood-pumping new track "Ups & Downs" from Mistareez

From the deep sonic jungles of London and Bristol comes Super Kitchen. The collective — responsible for the latest stellar dancefloor 12-inch from Maribor — have been making a name for themselves with abstract, sweltering club hits that are pitch-perfect for almost every sweaty late-night DJ set imaginable. Now, they’re taking the mix into their own hands with the first-ever volume of Rhythm Foundation, a curated compilation of tunes that perfectly outlines the cutting-edge music Super Kitchen is ready to bring to the workout room.

For your very first taste of their forward-thinking sound, crew member Mistareez delivers a perfect warm-up for a night of restless body motion. “Ups & Downs” could easily be your own personal trainer, with a pulse that your sweat glands just won’t be able to resist. With its pattering of bongos and referee whistles over a deep and gutsy bassline, the cut is overtly and totally athletic.

Though the collective’s mainstays such as Mistareez, Lima, and Macchina make up a hefty chunk of the comp’s tracklist, it also boasts some guests such as London DJ Dean Lyon and NAAFI’s very own OMAAR. Every name on the list has a reputation for crafting mixes of thumping club music, so you know this is gonna be a scorcher.

Whether you’re a pro DJ or just an everyday club rat looking for your weekend dose of cardiac intensity, Super Kitchen promise a compilation that will have you racing til the break of dawn. Pre-order it now ahead of its impending November 17 release date, and listen to “Ups & Downs” down below. Just try not to wear yourself out already!

Rhythm Foundation Vol. 1 tracklisting:

01. Juice - Love Island
02. Mistareez - Ups & Downs
03. OMAAR - Strong
04. Lima - E Number
05. LOBBY & DJ POLO - Chicken In A Bag
06. Macchina - Canal Woe
07. £££UP - SYDE RD RDM
08. Scimii - Yeahyeah
09. Track & Field - Dyson (Dean Lyon Remix)

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