Supersonic Fest’s 10th Anniversary gathers lineup that should leave many attendees at least partially deaf

Supersonic Fest's 10th Anniversary gathers lineup that should leave many attendees at least partially deaf

Looking to have your ear holes assaulted this fall? If you’re going to be in the UK from October 19-21, then you’re in luck, as the Supersonic Festival is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in Birmingham. To commemorate this milestone, the fest’s organizers are bringing out the big guns in a serious way. Bonnaroo this ain’t. Supersonic leans toward the noisy end of the musical spectrum, and the lineup this year is a gorgeous compendium of the old and new guard of noise, psychedelia, and experimental music in general. Just to rattle off a few of the must-be-seen-in-your-lifetime acts: Merzbow, Kevin Drumm, Tim Hecker, Hype Williams, Jarboe, Ruins Alone, Dylan Carlson (of Earth), Flower/Corsano Duo, and Kim Gordon are all set to perform. Certain deafness is assured if you fail to bring some industrial strength earplugs with you.

In addition to that stellar lineup (with more acts yet to be announced), the festival will feature a wide array of art, video, and non-musical performances representing other mediums within the same community. No doubt there will lots of interesting things to stare at silently as conversation should be next to impossible at this event. Between the crazy volumes of the acts and the resulting ringing you’ll be hearing between sets, expect a lot of people asking what you said in a way-too-loud voice.

For the uninitiated, the fest has set up a Supersonic mixtape on Soundcloud with 17 cuts from attending acts. Even if you can’t make it to the festival this fall, give it a spin — it’ll certainly help blast the rest of your day away in loud, psychedelic fashion.

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