As Sure As The Sky Is Blue and Water Is Wet, Ghostface Will Release a New Album in December

For the past two Decembers, The Wu-Tang Clan’s high-pitched utility man Ghostface Killah has released new records, starting with the immaculate Fishscale (TMT Review) in 2006 and 2007’s dope-to-the-bone The Big Doe Rehab (TMT Review). HOLD UP, wait a damn minute here! We only gave Fishscale three blue orbs? Damn, Gumshoe, you are cold blooded! Once my hangover wears off and I strap on some reading pants, I’ma gonna peruse this thousand-word treatise on why Fishscale apparently ain’t the masterpiece it really is. But thanks for giving me a goal for the day, Gumshoe! I wasn’t even planning to put on any pants!

Apologies for the digression. Anyway, Ghostface’s predilection for December drops has been as dependable as a Ford truck, and with his new record GhostDeni the Great set for release] December 16, Ghost just got upgraded to Chevy. Though technically a compilation of classic tracks from the past few years, GhostDeni contains a couple of new songs, like “Ghostface Christmas” and “Slept on Tony.” Along with the new tracks, GhostDeni features a smattering of remixes, including new versions of "Be Easy" featuring Ice Cube and "Kilo" with Raekwon and Pusha T. The new record will be available as either a single CD or along with a DVD documentary about Ghost’s Hip Hop Live tour.

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