Suzanne Ciani’s foundational synth concerts put to record by Finders Keepers

Suzanne Ciani's foundational synth concerts put to record by Finders Keepers

Like how the protagonists in so many horror movies are revisited by their terror long after its assumed eradication, Suzanne Ciani’s feverish history with the Buchla 200 synthesizer has less horrifically reemerged following a conscious decision to enter the realm of mostly piano-based compositions some 20+ years ago. Blame Andy Votel and the good folks at Finders Keepers for going back further and first digging up (with Ciani’s gradual approval) what eventually became 2012’s Lixiviation, a compilation of primarily the synth-based commercial work that Ciani engaged in for a litany of manufacturers and ad agencies during the 70s. That commercial work brought the financial means; shall we hear the longer Buchla-borne ends now?

Ciani’s come around to the idea of reviving her synth obsession, and that shows from at least one recent performance in an electronic vein, plus the announcement of Buchla Concerts 1975, a new release sponsored by Finders recalling two of Ciani’s performances during her New York life. The first took place at WBAI’s Free Music Store, a former church on the Upper East Side, and Phil Niblock’s loft was the site of the second. The audiences, she recalls, didn’t get it at the time.

Buchla Concerts 1975 is out digitally and on vinyl April 29; prove that you “get it” by showing the release and this female pioneer of electronic music some transactional love.

Buchla Concerts 1975 tracklisting:

01. Concert At WBAI Free Music Store
02. Concert At Phill Niblock’s Loft

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