Swan Meat and DJ Heroin studio-ize their respective sounds, prep debut EP as HOUSE OF SUNS

Swan Meat and DJ Heroin studio-ize their respective sounds, prep debut EP as HOUSE OF SUNS

Technically, we already previewed this EP over at the Grinder, but just in case you want some context for the first elaborate collaboration between Germany-based producers, Swan Meat and DJ Heroin, here’s what the situation is: Swan Meat and DJH were all about making their debut release as HOUSE OF SUNS cleaner and clearer than their individual efforts from a production standpoint. Reba Fay (Swan Meat) tells us in an e-mail about how they wanted to “to zone in on hyper-clean production and produce interesting/idiosyncratic dance music,” which, if you didn’t realize, is a genre that insists on tickling TMT’s lower spine whenever something thoughtful comes along.

Swan Meat got some attention with her Tame EP last year, while DJ Heroin’s Skinless album was self-released similarly as a draw to the hyper-cool niche of disaffected club-goers. In the 2019 version of the phrase, the two artists have “worked together” previously (by exchanging files over the internet); but for HOUSE OF SUNS, it’s worth noting that they literally inhabited the same studio…at the same time…and likely fondled some of the same physical instruments. Thus, it’s a very different approach from when they were trading .als files.

Can one expect a noticeable increase in production clarity as a result? Are there synthetic strings reminiscent of vintage Final Fantasy still waiting for us among the earth-shatters?

Preview a couple of tracks below and pre-order the EP here. It’s out officially July 27.

HOUSE OF SUNS tracklisting:

01. WANE

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