Swans’ Filth gets a fancy 3CD reissue via Young God and Mute

Swans' Filth gets a fancy 3CD reissue via Young God and Mute

How much Filth can you take? How about three whole CDs of it? I’m writing, of course, about Swans’ 1983 debut LP, which is getting the deluxe reissue treatment courtesy of none other than Young God Records and Mute, the latter of whom will handle release duties in places that are not North America.

So what’s on this thing? Well, first you’ve got your disc 1, on which you’ll find the original album, featuring OG Swans members Michael Gira, Norman Westberg, Roli Mosimann, Harry Crosby, and Jonathan Kane. You’ll also get live versions of “Strip/Burn,” “Heatsheet,” “Blackout,” “Clay Man,” “Stay Here,” and “Weakling.” Disc 2 features material from Body to Body with magical tracks like a nine-minute-long version of the family favorite “Raping a Slave,” recorded live in Berlin 1984, plus studio outtakes and live recordings spanning the 1982-85 era. Disc 3 features Swans’ 1982 debut 12-inch EP, with live material from NYC and London shows. The packaging features previously unreleased photos by Catherine Ceresole and Lee Ranaldo.

The new and improved Filth comes out May 26.


CD ONE: Filth
01. Stay Here
02. Big Strong Boss
03. Blackout
04. Power for Power
05. Freak
06. Right Wrong
07. Thank You
08. Weakling
09. Gang
10. Live at The Kitchen, NYC 1982-3 feat. “Strip/Burn,” “Heatsheet,” “Blackout,” “Clay Man,” “Stay Here,” & “Weakling”

CD TWO: Body to Body
01. Iʼll Cry for You
02. Red Sheet
03. Loop 33
04. Your Game
05. Seal It Over
06. Whore
07. Weʼll Hang for That
08.Half Life
09. Loop 21
10. Get Out
11. Job
12. Loop 1
13. Mother, My Body Disgusts Me
14. Cop
15. Only I Can Hear, Only I Can Touch
16. Thug
17. Raping a Slave (Live Berlin 1984)

CD THREE: E.P. #1 Plus Live Recordings
01. Laugh
02. Speak
03. Take Advantage
04. Sensitive Skin Live at CBGB NYC 1982-3
05. Living Arms
06. Howling Red Sheet
07. Big Strong Boss
08. Clay Man
09. We’ll Hang For That Live at Heaven London 1984
10. This is Mine
11. Why Hide
12. I Crawled

• Young God: http://younggodrecords.com

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