Taipei-born ambient alchemist Jing to release new 12-inch EP via 6dimensions, premieres full stream

Taipei-born ambient alchemist Jing to release new 12-inch EP via 6dimensions, premieres full stream

So, who is Jing, you ask? Well, I COULD start by telling you that she’s a (relatively) new artist/writer/musician from Taipei, now based in Berlin. I COULD tell you that she makes eerie borderline-ASMR style ambient music in the vein of, say, Elysia Crampton, Pan Daijing, PAN’s mono no aware compilation, et. al. And I COULD tell you that Tiny Mix Tapes has the pleasure of premiering the entirety of her brand-spankin-new 12-inch EP, Adularescence, which is out February 16 on Steve Bicknell’s 6dimensions imprint.

BUUUUUUT…I can’t say any of those things without first contextualizing Jing’s new EP a little bit. So, let’s pretend I didn’t!

You see, in addition to making music, Jing also writes short fiction and poetry, and the narrative process of writing seems to carry over into the gestation of her music, seeing as the record sleeve for Adularesence boasts a short story meant to complement the EP (think of it as a sort of map to guide you on the journey of listening). And if the music streaming down below is any indication, the story will likely be haunting, unpredictable, eerie, and dark, dark, dark. What ever the story is about, you’ve gotta wonder which came first: Jing’s short story, or the music? Or…maybe they both developed side by side, neither a corollary of the other, but rather two entities fielded on the same plane divided only by medium?

Personally? I’ve got my theories… but I’ll leave you to smash that pre-order link and make your own for yourself.

Whew. Okay: NOW you can remember all that stuff I told you up back in that first paragraph!

Enjoy, folks.

Adularescence tracklist:

01. Door
02. She’s A Peeler
03. 3mm
04. Amalgam
05. Permission
06. Go
07. I don’t think I should shout
08. Meaning Of Pupil
09. Sheded
10. It used to be a dream of mine
11. The Dilemma Of A Sinner
12. Yet To Begin

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