Talibam! announce Italian tour, in a classic Talibam! move

Talibam! announce Italian tour, in a classic Talibam! move

Update your Trivial Pursuit cards. If you’ve played a game of that trivia classic lately, you’ve surely seen this question in your pursuit for a brown (“Arts and Literature”) wedge: “How many Italian tours have Talibam! been on?” Answer to get you that chunk of pie: two. At least that’ll get you a chunk right now. By the month’s end, that won’t get you shit. Because by the month’s end, Talibam! will not have gone to Italy twice. Talibam! will have gone to Italy thrice. Yep, Talibam! are about to head to Italy right now, for roughly one week of touring.

That’s classic Talibam!, baby. Another classic Talibam! move would be performing at a photography festival, which is exactly what they’re doing. They’ll be making an appearance at the city of Rimini’s SI Fest, presenting a work-in-progress multimedia performance called Osmotic Imagination. But hold on, Talibam! is a band! Yes, but this performance incorporates the 1960s-1970s cultural and political photography of Syeus Mottel, who just so happens to be bandmember Matt Mottel’s father.

One last outside-the-box classic Talibam! move for the road. The group just put out Piano Sequenza, a piece inspired by Luicano Berio’s Sequenza series, on VHS through Endless Editions. Yeah, VHS. Video tape. I’ll let the group explain themselves what they did with this piece:

Our method was to trigger piano notes using VHS audio from our personal collections, and to allow the spontaneous composition of our Sequenza by large groups of people in perpetuity. Specifically, to generate the piano notes, we recorded 88 separate minutes from our personal self-made VHS tapes onto 88 separate tracks into a digital audio workstation. We then programmed each of the 88 VHS audio tracks to trigger its own unique midi piano note — 88 tracks, 88 keys. Using this method, Talibam!’s goal is to create a different Sequenza for each instrument.

Hot dog, that sounds pretty neat. If you want it, you’ll have to go to Endless Editions shop in New York City. And, uhhh, they only made 10 copies. So, if you can’t get it, don’t beat yourself up.

Talibam! dates:

09.09.15 - Bologna, Italy - Freakout Club
09.10.15 - Borno, Italy - Meeting Pub
09.11-12.15 - Rimini, Italy - SI Fest
09.13.15 - Rome, Italy - Fanfulla 5/a - Circolo Arci
09.14.15 - La Spezia, Italy - Btomic Club
09.15.15 - La Spezia, Italy - Distro
09.16.15 - Cuneo, Italy - House Party

• Talibam!: https://www.facebook.com/Talibamnyc
• Endless Editions: http://www.endlesseditions.com

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