Talibam! announce US tour dates, decide to get started TODAY before the end-times get here

Talibam! announce US tour dates, decide to get started TODAY before the end-times get here
Avengers: Assemble!

Welcome back, Talibam! fans! When last we left our heroes Matt Mottel and Kevin Shea this past summer, the dynamic duo were plotting the simultaneous release of not ONE, not SIXTEEN (you idiot!), but T.W.O. new foot-lifting, butt-kicking albums — Hard Vibe and Endgame of the Anthropocene respectively — for the ESP Disks’ label on September 22.

And now that (holy shit!) summer is winding down and that first day of autumn is just a little over a week away, the band has realized that, OH CRAP, the time is NOW to tour, tour, tour the USA ‘til their daddy takes the T-bird away.

So, that’s just what they’re gonna do. Starting TODAY, the duo will be playing not ONE, not 1,700 (what's the matter with you?!?), but F.O.U.R. NYC gigs before hooking up with vocalist Audrey Chen en route to Iowa City's Witching Hour Festival and beyond. After all that? They’ll presumably return home in peak condition to celebrate Halloween…before hunkering back down again to wait-out the onset of the first of many cataclysmic apocalypses that their band has variously predicted and precipitated. Fun times.


09.12.17 - Brooklyn, NY - Honeys
09.14.17 - Brooklyn, NY - H0L0
09.15.17 - Brooklyn, NY - Nha Minh (Block Party for Menu Art’s Exhibition)
09.24.17 - New York, NY - Record Shop (ESP-Disks record release party, 3pm)
10.18.17 - Milwaukee, WI - Sugar Maple*
10.19.17 - Minneapolis, MN - Eagles 34*
10.20-21.17 - Iowa City, IA - Witching Hour Festival
10.22.17 - Chicago, IL - Elastic Arts*
10.27.17 - Baltimore, MD - Red Room*
10.28.17 - Washington, D.C. - Rhizome Arts*

* Audrey Chen

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