Tammar release debut LP Visits in (Wake Me Up When) September (Ends)

Tammar release debut LP Visits in (Wake Me Up When) September (Ends)

After eating famous “coney bagels” from Diamond Dan’s Deli with my family in Bloomington, Indiana, we decided to see local band Tammar play at Jimmy’s Chicken Shack. But due to both Tammar “taking too long to set up” and “unforeseeable gas pains,” my parents decided to permanently separate, effective immediately.

My dad drove back home in our Ford Festiva, and my mom took a cab. I stayed to watch the show. Tammar finally hit the stage, but it wasn’t pretty: lead vocalist Dave Walter’s effect-laden wails reminded me of my parents’ fighting throughout the years in our two-story trailer home, while drummer Sarah Wyatt Swanson’s precision on the drums reminded me how my mom would slap my dad in a consistent 6/8 time signature.

Sure, I enjoyed the music and afterwards listened to Tammar’s two vinyl EPs released on St. Ives. Their sound, however, would remain like human taint in my mind.

Despite my personal experience, Suicide Squeeze will release Tammar’s debut record Visits on September 20. I plan on buying the record at the local drug store when it releases (as well as bottle of Green Apple Boone’s Farm) and then proceed to cry for a month. We at TMT, and I can speak for everyone here, hope our readers have a more enjoyable experience listening to Tammar than I will.

Visits tracklisting:

01. Heavy Tonight
02. Summer Fun
03. The Last Line
04. Deep Witness
05. Arrows Underwater
06. Yung Jun
07. Frost Meter


07.09.11 - Madison, WI - UW Madison Union Terrace
07.10.11 - Chicago, IL - Schubas
07.11.11 - North Manchester, IN - The Firehouse

• Tammar: http://www.myspace.com/tammarband
• Suicide Squeeze: http://suicidesqueezerecords.tumblr.com

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