Tara Jane O’Neil releases soundtrack to Japanese film Yoake, shares video for “Loop”

Tara Jane O'Neil releases soundtrack to Japanese film Yoake, shares video for "Loop"

Tara Jane O’Neil is a multi-instrumentalist whose haunting sounds are just as enveloping as her voice is. It’s the type of sound that just shifts through things like a hidden person blending in. You may think to yourself after listening to When Shine New Lights or her self-titled masterwork, “wow, she could probably make a rad film score.” And guess what? You’d be right, because she did just that!

Recently, O’Neil collaborated with Japanese director Nanako Hirose on the latter’s debut film, Yoake. While O’Neil’s vocals are absent in the score, there’s no reason to worry: there’s still a very powerful ambience about. Moreover, she brought in friend and string arranger Jean Cook for the symphonic track “Monk,” and rather than settling on “just” creating a film score, she made multiple compositions that correlate with the film itself, compiling them into an album titled Yoake - Music From And Near the Film for our pleasure.

And what do you know? It’s out today on Bandcamp, as you can see below. Additionally, Japanese label Sweet Dreams Press has made a limited-edition physical release of Music From And Near The Film, with 500 CD copies available for import from the Sweet Dreams Press website as well as the album page on Bandcamp.

To celebrate the release of the soundtrack, O’Neil is sharing a video for the track “Loop,” which is not in the film but is very near it. The video contains art drawings by Ippei Matsui, which go well with the track. Enjoy…

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