Tashi Dorji and Shane Parish prepare for fatherhood with an improvised guitar record

Tashi Dorji and Shane Parish prepare for fatherhood with an improvised guitar record
Photo: Jodi Rhoden

Shane Parish and Tashi Dorji are two dudes who know their way around a fretboard both with their solo explorations and in innumerable collaborations and ensembles. In addition to that common bond (and the fact that they both live in Asheville), Dorji and Parish recently sat down to record an improvised album together to mark the fact that they were both expectant fathers. Not only does that fact permeate Expecting with equal parts anticipation and excitement and trepidation, but it also gives pun-hungry journalists the opportunity to write how the twin guitar babble between the two soon-to-be-fathers has birthed a session that weighs gravid with pregnant joy and at the same time doesn’t fail to foresake these two musicians’ genetic drive to inject an epidural into the spine of acoustic guitar music.

Oh, forget it, just check out Expecting when it is released via MIE in a limited run of 400 vinyl on April 15, and catch Dorji as he trades a papoose for a guitar on his forthcoming run of dates.

Tashi Dorji:

03.02.16 - New York City, NY - The Outpost $
03.03.16 - New Haven, CT - Lyric Hall
03.05.16 - Portland, ME - SPACE Gallery
04.30.16 - Hudson, NY - Spotty Dog #
05.01.16 - Pawtucket, RI - Machines with Magnets #
05.02.16 - Jamaica Plain, MA - Deep Thoughts JP #
05.04.16 - Ridgewood, NY - Trans-Pecos #
05.07.16 - Baltimore, MD - Red Room #
05.10.16 - Asheville, NC - The Mothlight #

# Marisa Anderson
$ trio with Greg Fox & Shahzad Ismaily

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