Tatsuya Takahashi releases synth game with Red Bull Music Academy

Tatsuya Takahashi releases synth game with Red Bull Music Academy
Photo: Robert Winter

*Bleep-bloop-boop-BEEP* THIS JUST IN: Renowned KORG engineer Tatsuya Takahashi is pivoting to video… game.

Yes, just a few months after launching First Patch, a video series giving tours of an array of classic synths; Takahashi has collaborated with Red Bull Music Academy, Red Bull Mind Gamers, and a development team assembled by Ok Bye to unleash Tats, a new game designed to walk players through the fun of making music with a modular synthesizer, one module at a time! Truly, Red Bull and synthesizers are a heaven-made, chocolate-and-peanut-butter-esque match.

Each level of the game gives the player 60 seconds to recreate a sound they hear using components of a digital synthesizer. The game also includes access to an online synthesizer that can be used to make and share music by players.

Watch a few explanatory clips down below — and then, start testing your synthesis abilities with Tats here. You’ll be unbeatable at your next modular synthesizer-themed family game night in no time!

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