Taylor Swift announces her next massively successful album Reputation…oh look, it’s already reached two million in sales

Taylor Swift announces her next massively successful album Reputation...oh look, it's already reached two million in sales
Extra! Extra! Wait...what's a newspaper?

Now, when Taylor Swift began tweeting out the first in a series of snake videos a few days ago, I thought nothing of it. After all, who among us hasn’t done the very same in the past? Snakes are cool and deserve to be celebrated on a daily basis! Well, as it turns out, those snake videos may have actually been a part of a — get this! — VIRAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN for her forthcoming SIXTH album Reputation. Viral marketing campaign? On social media?? Whoever heard of such a thing!?

Reputation is out November 10, and it comes three years after 1989, an album so massively successful that even your uncle — the one who swore off listening to new music after Duane Allman died — has heard it. Judging by the album’s title and its album cover, depicting Swift’s name written over-and-over again in the style of old timey newspaper-type it looks like…I’m sorry, but it looks like Taylor Swift saw those mean things you said about her on Twitter, and is finally going to take you to task for it.

Check out the album’s official announcement below, along with the reveal that a new single will be coming out “tomorrow night” (sorry, looks like you’re working late, Choco). Will the single be about snakes, and how some of them are able to poop at-will, using their disgusting odors to help discourage predators? Only time will tell; though I do have a hunch that the whole snake thing may have been a metaphor for how she’s going to “bite back” with “venom” at everyone who’s upset, or talked down on her in the last three years. Just a hunch though, no prior work of hers to base that assumption on…

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