Teen Daze prep Themes For A New Earth, graciously premiere first single “Echoes” to get our new planet started

Teen Daze prep Themes For A New Earth, graciously premiere first single "Echoes" to get our new planet started
(The new earth is kinda red-shifted, btw.)

Electronic maestro Jamison Isaak — known as Teen Daze — has already killed the Earth once this year. Back in the dark days of February 2017, Isaak put his considerable pop skills in the freezer to release Themes For Dying Earth, a full-ambient mourning session for a world with one foot in the grave (alongside collaborators such as S. Carey and Dustin Wong). Not satisfied to just watch our world drift into oblivion, however, Teen Daze is now (generously!) helping midwife into existence a whole planet. Hey. Thanks, Jamison. <3

The long journey into the most lush and euphoric reaches of instrumental electric ambient music continues on Themes For A New Earth, a collection of a material recorded alongside the last record, which the artist describes as more “optimistic.” Decide for yourself with “Echoes,” the record’s gorgeous first single, which he are pleased to be premiering for you today.

Themes For A New Earth will be available November 10, in digital and limited edition vinyl formats via Teen Daze’s own FLORA label, either of which you can pre-order right here, right now. And if you live along the Atlantic Ocean in the continent currently known as “North America” (it’s gonna be called “Isaakistaan” once the new earth gets here, fyi), don’t forget to visit with Teen Daze on the road starting this weekend — the tour dates are below the clip and full album tracklist. So long, old earth! Don’t let the moon hit you on the ass on your way out…

Themes for a New Earth tracklisting:

01. Shibuya Again
02. On The Edge Of A New Age
03. Kilika
04. River Walk
05. An Alpine Forest
06. Kunsthal
07. Station
08. Echoes
09. Prophets

Teen Daze Toor Datez:

09.08.17 - Tallahassee, FL - Club Down Under
09.09.17 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade
09.12.17 - Washington, DC - Song Bryd
09.13.17 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s
09.14.17 - New York, NY - Sunnyvale
09.15.17 - Montreal, QC - Bar Le Ritz (POP MTL)
09.16.17 - Boston, MA - Middle East

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