Teenage Fanclub to reissue two albums on vinyl in celebration of Merge’s 25th anniversary

Teenage Fanclub to reissue two albums on vinyl in celebration of Merge's 25th anniversary

Merge Records turns 25 this year and is celebrating it with a year-long series of “classic albums” re-releases. Nothing unusual there, until we realize that the latest announcement in the series involves a couple of albums by Teenage Fanclub, Man-Made and Shadows, which are certainly respectable additions to the Scottish quartet’s output, but not exactly held in as high regards as Bandwagonesque (1991), Grandprix (1995), or even the already divisive Songs from Northern Britain (1997). But it sorta makes sense here, because (and here’s the catch) Teenage Fanclub’s tenure on Merge only comprises these two albums.

So, there you go: Man-Made and Shadows are coming out on vinyl for the first time in the US, on August 5. And they’re actually pretty good, even if Man-Made involves the typical late-career move of seeking out a star producer (Tortoise’s John McEntire) to shake things up creatively and Shadows pulls the oxymoronic feat of making power pop sound at peace with middle age’s mellow stability. This is not necessarily a bad thing; if we consider that Big Star — most power pop bands’ template — never had to deal with growing too old to play this kind of music, it’s certainly interesting to see some of Chilton and co.’s heirs try and solve the dilemma.

Both albums will be available on 180-gram vinyl, individually or as a bundle deal, and the reissues will include a couple of bonus tracks. Also: Teenage Fanclub will be playing the Merge 25 festival later this month.

Man-Made tracklisting:

01. It’s All in My Mind
02. Time Stops
03. Nowhere
04. Save
05. Slow Fade
06. Only with You
07. Cells
08. Feel
09. Fallen Leaves
10. Flowing
11. Born under a Good Sign
12. Don’t Hide
13. Please Stay *
14. Falling Leaf *

* bonus tracks

Shadows tracklisting:

01. Sometimes I Don’t Need to Believe in Anything
02. Baby Lee
03. The Fall
04. Into the City
05. Dark Clouds
06. The Past
07. Shock and Awe
08. When I Still Have Thee
09. Live with the Seasons
10. Sweet Days Waiting
11. The Back of My Mind
12. Today Never Ends
13. Secret Heart *
14. Dark and Lonely *

* bonus tracks

• Teenage Fanclub: http://www.teenagefanclub.com
• Merge: http://www.mergerecords.com

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