Teklife wunderkind DJ Taye announces debut EP for Hyperdub

Teklife wunderkind DJ Taye announces debut EP for Hyperdub

I tend to unconsciously make mental notes of standout tracks on various artists compilations, and for Teklife’s Next Life release from last year, when a bass-y refrain expressed the virtues of “wurkin” something other than one’s meaty posterior, I had to double-check the artist(s) behind them. Seeing DJ Taye’s name was like a believer in UPS-drivers-as-aliens, smirking as he/she sees the truck roam around the neighborhood: “I knew you’d be back! Nobody knows your secret but me!” And gradually, the incidental secret of DJ Taye’s musical footwork talent — who we have been covering since 2011 — is being revealed, especially with the release of his new Break It Down EP on October 16, courtesy of Hyperdub.

The folks over at Dummy have the scoop on DJ Taye himself, but for the click-averse (or the TMT-devoted, <3), it’s interesting to note that Dante Sanders first became personally acquainted with the monolithic Teklife crew when he was 16. He’s 20 now, so obviously that leaves plenty of time to form a productive legacy. Expect frequent collaborative partner DJ Earl to help out along the away, and expect the already-prominent figure DJ Spinn, who’s about to release his own EP on Hyperdub, to at least be there for moral support.

You can listen to the following track (which isn’t on the EP):

Break It Down tracklisting:

01. Go Away (feat. DJ Paypal)
02. That Love (feat. Tripletrain & DJ Manny)
03. XTCC (feat. DJ Earl)
04. Break It Down (feat. DJ Earl)

• DJ Taye: https://soundcloud.com/djtaye
• Hyperdub: http://www.hyperdub.net

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