Tenniscoats, Notwist, and friends gather to form Spirit Fest, release album, premiere full-album stream

Tenniscoats, Notwist, and friends gather to form Spirit Fest, release album, premiere full-album stream
Photo: Spirit Fest

It’s been sort of a while since the news was genuinely good, yeah? I mean, “good” as in, like, joyful? Well, hold onto your butts, because Spirit Fest is coming, and they’re about to bring the MIRTH.

Late last year, Markus Acher (of the much-loved Notwist) had the great instinct to invite radiant, self-care-inspiring experimental Japanese duo Tenniscoats to Munich for a music festival. They — along with other members of Notwist, Joasihno, and Jam Money — spent two chilly, wintertime weeks walking along the burbling riverbanks, cooking breakfast, learning about “German Christmas customs” — you know, all the things a delightful, creative group of friends spending the holidays together might do.

Oh, they also made an album.

Banding together under the name Spirit Fest, the group’s self-titled debut is a surprise and a delight: ten tracks made in deep collaboration that reflect the best of these individual artists egging each other on to craft something special. This is exactly the music you might imagine being crafted in an apartment by a group of sweet, gentle, and eccentric buddies over a frosty 14 days.

Spirit Fest arrives worldwide on November 10 — and in the USA on November 17 — from Morr Music (pre-order it here). But the festivities need not wait until then, because we have the honor of premiering a stream of the entire damn record for you. Turn on the furnace, invite your own awesome friends over for some hot cider (probably), and cozy-the-fuck-up to this:

Spirit Fest tracklisting:

01. Deja Vu
02. Rain Rain
03. Nambei
04. River River
05. Inklings
06. Hitori Matsuri
07. Shuti Man
08. To The Moon
09. Take Me Home
10. Mikan

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