The Books release Music for a French Elevator and Other Oddities, briefly making you think they’ve reunited

The Books release Music for a French Elevator and Other Oddities, briefly making you think they've reunited

So, the binding of The Books may have been officially split, but that shouldn’t suggest a dearth of unexplored details hidden within their published chapters. On the contrary, six months after their sort of predictable disbandment, they released A Dot in Time., a massive compilation of everything audio/visual-wise that they had a hand in, PLUS pieces of a moldy ham and cheese sandwich that Paul de Jong had ultimately decided against consuming in full. Not really, but it’s hard to conjure a more comprehensive box set than the $150 one released in July of 2012.

Included within that box set was Music for a French Elevator and Other Oddities, a “45-track compendium of rare and previously unreleased tracks,” and perhaps sensing that fans might not want to shell out over a hundred bones for a bunch of albums already in their possession (A Dot in Time. included their four LPs), Temporary Residence Ltd. has sponsored the limited edition 2xLP release of that “rare and previously unreleased” collection for a mere 18 bucks — 20 if you want the records adorned with “translucent blue splatter.”

The “Available” count is decreasing slowly but steadily as I write this, so if you intend to purchase, best get on that ASAP. Otherwise, you may have to resort to less… moral means.

Music for a French Elevator and Other Oddities tracklisting:

01. Fralite
02. Egaberte
03. Liternite
04. It’s Musiiiiic!
05. The Joy of Nature
06. Meditation Outtakes
07. A Long Villainous Sequence
08. Millions of Millions
09. Of the Word God
10. Ghost Train Digest
11. You’ll Never Be Alone
12. ‘Ah…, I See’
13. Three Day Night
14. Classy Penguin
15. 8 Frame
16. Smack My Bishop
17. Biospheric Quiet
18. Happy Lawyers
19. Hericlitus
20. John’s Arp
21. Foreign Country and Western
22. Dustbowl
23. Biospheric Doubletime
24. Drowned But Survived
25. Pickup Dark
26. Hermetic
27. Circle of Fifths Loop
28. Past Comes Welling Up
29. Electro Lawyers
30. Mars, OK
31. Biospheric Dark
32. Flythrough
33. Running Down
34. 8 Tons of Oxygen
35. 10,000 Crows
36. John’s Epiphany
37. Lawyer Lullaby
38. Hokie Ranch
39. 2over3 Lawyers
40. Glass Glass
41. Biospheric Zither
42. Found Frozen Corndog
43. Cello Song (feat. Jose Gonzales)
44. Epilogue
45. Pig

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