The Bug announces Exit EP, featuring unreleased Angels & Devils material

The Bug announces Exit EP, featuring unreleased Angels & Devils material

Kevin Martin, The Bug, released an album called Angels and Devils last week. It went over well and he’s decided to release more of it. On October 7 the Exit EP will drop, consisting of outtakes and alternate mixes from the album sessions. It features album opener “Void,” featuring Liz Harris of Grouper, as well as a “version” of it, and three previously unreleased tracks: “Black Wasp” with Harris, “Function” with Roll Deep member Manga, and “Blaow” with “world’s fastest rapper” Daddy Freddy.

Ninja Tune claims to possess 160 unreleased tracks from these sessions, so hopefully more EPs are on the way, but in the meantime what a treat this is! Make sure to post a sweet The Bug/Ninja Tune thank you song to SoundCloud sometime soon.

You can listen to “Black Wasp” below. You can also click here to see dates for The Bug’s upcoming North American tour featuring Actress, Wolf Eyes, Manga, and Flowdan. Make sure to bring a flash drive or CD with your thank you song to toss onstage. Ideally he’ll take it home and do a dancehall remix.

Exit tracklist:

01. Void (feat. Liz Harris)
02. Void Version
03. Black Wasp (feat. Liz Harris)
04. Black Version
05. Function (feat. Manga)
06. Blaow (feat. Daddy Freddy)

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• Ninja Tune:

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