The Bug vs Dylan Carlson of Earth debut live performance at Supersonic Festival

The Bug vs Dylan Carlson of Earth debut live performance at Supersonic Festival

As much as I’d love to make this article all about the nigh-unrivaled brilliance of Birmingham’s Supersonic Festival, we already covered that a couple of weeks ago, when a nigh-unrivaled lineup of demigod artists was semi-finalized for the 2015 edition, set to take place June 11-14 at venues The Crossing and Boxxed. It would’ve been tough to outdo a combination of performances from Holly Herndon, Gazelle Twin, Circuit Des Yeux, Liturgy, Six Organs of Admittance, and more, but festival sponsors Capsule are apparently pretty keen on upping the ante through their own version of a musical boxing match (in which nobody gets hurt). Announcing… The Bug vs. Earth!

No, Kevin Martin (The Bug) won’t use this summer opportunity to begin his attempts at earthly domination; instead, he and Dylan Carlson from the band Earth will have a shared performance at Supersonic, where they’ll presumably be expanding upon the two-track collaboration that was unearthed last November, much to the vibration of everyone’s internal organs.

That release was sort of what you expected, given Martin’s prior appearances on various dubstep compilations and Carlson’s consistently drone-y spearheading, but something tells me the in-person showing will be quite a different experience. Here’s a tasty reminder, nonetheless:

• The Bug:
• Earth:
• Supersonic Festival:

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