The-Dream starts “art label” with Jay Z called Contra Paris, because he’s basically the coolest person ever

The-Dream starts "art label" with Jay Z called Contra Paris, because he's basically the coolest person ever

So, The-Dream is starting a new label with Jay Z. Yes. This is magic. But what kiiiiind of label, The-Dream? I mean, dude is allied with Hov’s Roc Nation management company, so you can assume hip-hop, right? WRONG. Because it’s so much more; it’s like a record label inside of a conceptual art project inside of a faith in the beauty of the human spirit and the limitless creativity of the true artist inside of Korean-Mexican fusion tacos (come on, you know that shit is genius).

See, The-Dream, along with longtime collabo buddy Tricky Stewart, are working with Jay Z to start an “art label” called Contra Paris, whose focus is “art overall, period,” downtown NYC art scene circa 1980 style, y’all. Take it, The-Dream: “We’ve got these young guys who can be Basquiat with great gifts and I want to couple my music with them and make sure that their shit is being seen because I think that’s what was so great in the 80s,” he tells, because The Dream is the dopest and so wonderful he’s gotta be from Narnia.

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