The Holydrug Couple go psychedelic by way of going electro on new album

The Holydrug Couple go psychedelic by way of going electro on new album

Chilean psych-rock dudes The Holydrug Couple are back, and this time they’re venturing even further into the psychosphere… into… the world of… electronic music. That’s right. Inspired by 70s and 80s French movie soundtracks and a sort of switched-on Serge Gainsbourg, Ives and Manu are going boldly into a spacescape marked by, as Ives puts it, “feeling lust, desire, for some- thing that you see when it’s dark but it’s so far away that it’s unreachable. It’s an unrealistic target, like God, maybe, or a dream archetype of a goddess. It’s the feeling of melancholy that you can’t fulfill with anything.”

Which, after hearing the band’s new album is actually a pretty good description of the 70s, Air-style, funked-out bliss cloud the pair have created. Listen to “Dreamy” below. They recorded Moonlust by themselves in Chile, then brought it to Ben Greenberg (Hubble, Uniform) for mixing. You can buy your ticket to space on May 12 via Sacred Bones.

Moonlust tracklisting:

01. Atlantic Postcard
02. Dreamy
03. Light or Night
04. French Movie Theme
05. If I Could Find You (Eternity)
06. I Don’t Feel Like It
07. Concorde
08. Baby, I’m Going Away
09. Generique Noir
10. Submarine Gold
11. U Don’t Wake Up
12. Remember Well

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