The New Pornographers’ Kathryn Calder finally has a moment to damn self, uses it to announce new LP

The New Pornographers' Kathryn Calder finally has a moment to damn self, uses it to announce new LP

Guys, it’s a tough job being Kathryn “Katydid” Calder. And if you’re scratching your ass and picking your nose right now while asking “who?” then case-in-point. See, Calder hangs out in the background and plays all the cool synthy shit at The New Pornographers’ gigs. She’s kinda like Eno in Roxy Music, you know? She kinda keeps Brian Ferry/A.C. Newman from seeming lame while never really getting all that much camera time herself. And! As an added bonus, she’s not nearly as hideously ugly as Eno from back then either… although, I guess that’s not all that tough to accomplish. Yeesh.

Anyway, second case-in-point: Calder has just announced the release of a self-titled solo album on April 15 via the File Under: Music label. And damned if I didn’t just assume that this was her first one. Wrong! Good thing I actually READ the press release for a change! Turns out Kathryn’s latest offering “is the follow-up record to her critically praised and Polaris-recognized sophomore album Bright and Vivid.” See? Holy shit! Boy would my face have been red! Or maybe not. I don’t know! Whatever!

Either way, the album was co-produced by her husband Colin Stewart and recorded in his Vancouver Island Studio, and it features “the talents of her good friends Dan Mangan, Jill Barber, and Hannah Georgas, among others.” See, now I have no idea who those people are, but I’m NOT gonna dismiss them! Cuz they could be regular Katy Calders in their own right for all I know. I mean, what am I gonna do? Sit here and google everyone anytime ever? Suck a D. Who the hell are YOU, anyway?

Kathryn Calder tracklisting:

01. Slow Burning
02. Beach
03. Take A Little Time
04. Blue Skies
05. When You See My Blood
06. My Armour
07. Song In Cm
08. Pride By Design
09. Arm In Arm
10. Remembering

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