The Pop Group announce first album in 35 years, return to find the pop landscape different from how they left it

The Pop Group announce first album in 35 years, return to find the pop landscape different from how they left it

It’s been 35 years since The Pop Group put out their last album, For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder. Since then, the pop landscape has changed and reformed itself numerous times over. Beyoncé, Taylor, Timberlake, Usher, Rihanna, Will Smith, Snow, Billy Ocean, Jessica Simpson, and Smash Mouth have all risen (and, in some cases, fallen) in that time. The Pop Group are back to reclaim their crown, though, with new album Citizen Zombie out February 24 through Freaks R Us. With their sweet harmonies and synchronized moves, they’ll show the kids what pop is really all about. Oh. by the way, I did, like, no research on who The Pop Group are. Don’t tell me if they’re, I don’t know, some legendary experimental post-punk band or something.

Handling production duties on Citizen Zombie was longtime Pop Group fan Paul Epworth, who is best known for working with actual pop stars. Will The Pop Group’s comeback enjoy the same success of Adele’s Epworth-produced 21? Nope! But it should do just fine in the alternate-universe where abrasive post-punk is the most popular type of music, if the title track is any indication:

To get back into the swing of being a band with a new record out, The Pop Group are doing a number of dates in March. Those dates will be capped by an appearance at SXSW, because they are a band that exists.

Citizen Zombie tracklist:

01. Citizen Zombie
02. Mad Truth
03. Nowhere Girl
04. Shadow Child
05. The Immaculate Deception
06. s.o.p.h.i.a.
07. Box 9
08. Nations
09. St. Outrageous
10. Age Of Miracles
11. Echelon

The Pop Group dates:

03.01.15 - Tokyo, Japan - Liquid Rooms
03.05.15 - Adelaide, Australia - Adelaide Festival
03.06.15 - Sydney, Australia - The Factory Theatre
03.07.15 - Melbourne, Australia - The Corner Hotel
03.10.15 - Los Angeles, CA - Echoplex
03.11.15 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
03.12.15 - Seattle, WA - Neumos Crystal Ball Reading Room
03.13.15 - Chicago, IL - TBA
03.14.15 - Toronto, ON - Lee’s Palace
03.16.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Rough Trade
03.17.15 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
03.19-22.15 - Austin, TX - SXSW

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