The Ramones’ first album finally goes gold, 38 years later

The Ramones' first album finally goes gold, 38 years later

The Ramones’ first album just went gold. Like, just now. The remarkable self-titled LP that was released 38 years ago and fucked up rock & roll forever got certified by the RIAA on April 30, 2014 as having sold 500,000 units.

Upon initial release, the record was commercially unsuccessful, peaking at 111 on the US Billboard 200. Critics, however, later found the record to be influential on many great successors and what some would say was the true beginning of punk (I’m not saying that, don’t write to me with your bullshit).

And of course, who could forget the iconic album cover photographed by Punk magazine’s Roberta Bayley. How many band shots have mimicked it? Fuck, I even got a Christmas card with the family in leather jackets posted up on a brick wall.

I really can’t fathom why this is just now going gold. I keep imagining a 13-year-old on iTunes accidentally clicking “buy” on this album and becoming the 500,000th purchaser. Something like that. So for the rest of you who don’t own the record, pitch in and let’s take them to platinum!

Here’s the Ramones on Live with Regis and Kathy Lee, because it’s weird:

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