The Vaselines, in the midst of some sort of big Alan Moore kick, release V For Vaselines next week!

The Vaselines, in the midst of some sort of big Alan Moore kick, release V For Vaselines next week!

Though the music of legendary indie pop duo The Vaselines may initially seem simple, close listening reveals hidden layers of wit and substance. Take the title of their forthcoming new album, V for Vaselines, out October 7 through Rosary Music. Initially, the title’s meaning seems straightforward, considering that Vaselines starts with a V, thus V could well be for Vaselines. Further thought, though, reveals that a second meaning, as V is the Roman Numeral symbol for five and V For Vaselines is the group’s fifth rec… wait. It’s their third record. So, really, the title should be III for Vaselines. But that doesn’t make any sense. So there’s only one meaning. Oh well, the music of The Vaselines still contains hidden layers of wit and substance.

Using their hidden reserves of substantive creative energy, the group self-produced the album in Glasgow at Mogwai’s Castle of Doom studio. There they had engineering assistance from Tony Doogan, he of Belle & Sebastian and Mogwai engineering fame. Guests on the album include members of Teenage Fanclub, 1990s, the aforementioned Belle & Sebastian, and more. The follow-up to 2010’s Sex with an X will be available on vinyl, CD, digital download, and limited-edition cassette.

To test the depths of Vaselines, listen to first single “One Lost Year” over here. But what if the depths simply extend too far down? Then dip a toe in with the acoustic version of “One Lost Year”:

V for Vaselines tracklist:

01. High Tide Low Tide
02. The Lonely L.P.
03. Inky Lies
04. Crazy Lady
05. Single Spies
06. One Lost Year
07. Earth Is Speeding
08. False Heaven
09. Number One Crush
10. Last Half Hour

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