The Yoko Ono-ing of Sonic Youth begins with new YOKOKIMTHURSTON collaboration

The Yoko Ono-ing of Sonic Youth begins with new YOKOKIMTHURSTON collaboration

While the status of Sonic Youth is still in limbo following the unexpected breakup of Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore late last year, no one had any doubt that the two indie stalwarts would continue to make music in some capacity. In June, we reported that Moore was starting a new band called Chelsea Light Moving, and Gordon is scheduled to perform as a solo artist this fall at the UK’s Supersonic Festival. But now we have word from FACT on their first collaborative album since their separation, following what was thought to be a one-off single with Yoko Ono released in June as a fundraiser for the Ashinaga Rainbow House, a charity that is building a Rainbow House in Japan to support victims of the 2011 tsunami.

While it’s never funny to joke about breakups, it’s hard not to when Yoko Ono is involved. At least in this instance she’s bringing Kim and Thurston back together and giving us, their adoring public, the sense that even though they may not be romantically linked any longer, they’re going to continue to collaborate. The trio’s album is mysteriously titled YOKOKIMTHURSTON and will be released September 25.


01. I Missed You Listening 
02. Running the Risk 
03. I Never Told You, Did I? 
04. Mirror Mirror 
05. Let’s Get There 
06. Early in the Morning

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